Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer gameplay video w/ developer commentary

Although we’ve already seen most of the gameplay footage in this trailer before, the added developer commentary helps explain the mechanics of the game’s unique buddy-system. Pairing each player up with a partner, the new fire-team system mimics real-world special ops tactics, and encourages players to cooperate and support each other. We got a hands-on preview of the game a few weeks ago, you can rest assured that this new small-team multiplayer style definitely adds new strategic elements to traditional FPS’s.

In the video, we’re also given a brief example of how dying and respawning work. Rather than being able to see an entire replay of your demise, downed players are given a brief, frozen glimpse of their moment of death. This means is wont be as easy to track down your killer and exact your revenge with a mobile UAV right after you die. With every piece of new footage we get, Warfighter starts looking more and more like the tactical masterpiece we’ve all been waiting for. 

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