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Meet Gaige: the sweetest little murderer in Pandora

If four characters wasn’t enough for you, the latest DLC for Borderlands 2 gives users a new playable class: Gaige the Mechromancer. We’re not sure if we should read that so it sounds like a clever take on the word “necromancer”, or if we should read it like she’s a mech-romancer: one who is skilled in the art of wooing robots. Either way, the name is fitting. We’ve already had a chance to play as her and concluded that she is definitely a bit more user-friendly than the other classes. She’s also the best character to use for solo play. Check out our full post for more details.

Wondering what kind of abilities she has? Just watch the video — Gearbox has continued their streak of putting out well-edited, humorous, and informative trailers with this one.