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Metro: Last Light “Welcome to Moscow” walkthrough

Metro: Last Light "Welcome to Moscow" walkthrough

We’ve seen a few screenshots of the post-apocalyptic Moscow, but now that THQ has released the full twelve-minute walkthrough video they’ve been keeping under wraps since E3, everybody can finally get a visceral first-person look at the terror-inducing gameplay from Metro: Last Light. Based on the footage, it looks like the developers over at A4 Games have played it safe with this sequel. Those who played Metro 2033 will notice that, aside from some plant life taking over the blast zone, little has changed in the dystopian world. Demons still rule the skies, and packs of Nosalis and Lurkers still prowl the poorly-lit streets — which generally makes hiding a better idea than jumping guns-blazing into most situations. As we noted in other previews, one of Last Light’s biggest strengths is its use of darkness to induce anxiety and tension during gameplay, and judging from what we can see in this walkthrough, exploring the world of Metro will be creepier and more fun than ever before.

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