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MLB 2K12 debut trailer

2k Games is adding to the studio’s MLB franchise with the next iteration in MLB 2k12. 2k says that the latest iteration has much improved pitching with one feature being that batters recall how pitchers attack them. The pitching is a point of pride for 2k and it’s pretty important considering that without good pitching you won’t win many games. 

The game will continue the popular rookie building mode that players can play plus based on the trailer the series will continue it’s tradition of fantastic color commentary. This is a series that is helpful for fans of baseball sims that aren’t Sony’s MLB: The Show as MLB 2k is on every other system including the Playstation 3.

MLB 2k12 will be out in time for baseball season on March 6 and it will be on everything landing on PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS  and Nintendo Wii.