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Mortal Kombat Vita trailer

Mortal Kombat will be one of the titles coupled with the Playstation Vita launch come next Tuesday. Based on this trailer the game looks very similar to the most recent Mortal Kombat that came out for consoles last year. 

These clues mostly come from the style of the graphics and the broken bones feature that the 2011 MK featured. It’s not clear whether or not the Vita version will play with Augmented Reality gaming feature that the Vita comes with. Though based on the trailer we could see it working out that way, essentially watching Scorpion and Sub-Zero duking it out on the train ride into work.

Some other Vita specific features include touch mini-games, touchscreen fatalities and a new 150 room Challenge Tower. 

A specific release date for the game hasn’t been set but the rumor is sometime in April.