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Most Wanted is the most bonkers NFS we’ve seen yet

In case you missed some of the other fantastic trailers for NFS, this one sums up everything you need to know in one high-speed chase.

First of all, the game is gorgeous. It’s hard to tell whether certain parts of this trailer are cinematic or footage of actual gameplay because the gameplay is just so stunning.

Second, people don’t lock their doors in the world of NFS. Every car is drivable from the onset, so if the cops are hot on your tail, you can hop into any car parked on the street — like that slick Nissan GT R in the trailer.

Finally, you can drive anywhere and jump off anything to get away from the cops. The world is huge and completely open, but it might take some fancy moves to break through roadblocks.

The game is scheduled for release on October 30th.

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