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NBA 2K13: My Team is better than your team

In this video with one of 2k13’s developers, we get the 411 on a new feature called “My Team.” Essentially its an online store where you can log in, purchase players, and build your ideal team. You can purchase any player, from any team, from any era, and use them to assert your dominance on the court. 

Just like in the real world, star players require higher salaries than their counterparts, so you’ll have to pay more to get a stacked roster. The coolest part is that player stats are updated daily based on their real-world performances during the season, so their prices and stats go up or down accordingly in the game. You can also purchase booster packs to enhance the performance of your players — but keep in mind that none of this comes free, so you’ll have to go hard in the paint to earn enough guap to pay for it all.