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Need for Speed: Most Wanted wants you on the Most Wanted list

Based on the numerous trailers that came before this one, we know that NFS: Most Wanted is essentially a mixture of all the best aspects of previous NFS hits. It’ll have the customizability features of NFS: Underground, the police evasion aspects of NFS: Hot Pursuit, and the massive, open world style of Burnout: Paradise.

This trailer is basically a run-down of all the cool features in the game, and there are a few that we haven’t heard about until now. Apparently, almost anything you do in the game — be it racing, running from the cops, jumping your car off a cliff, or parallel parking — will earn you speedpoints. If you accumulate enough of these speedpoints, you’ll get a chance to play against the top 10 racers in the game: aka the Most Wanted list.

There are a number of different customization options to help you get a spot on the Most Wanted list. It’s unclear wether or not you’ll be able to do this from the get-go or if you have to earn the upgrades, but the trailer mentions that you can add things like a reinforced chassis, re-inflating tires, impact protection, powershot nitrous, and track tires to your car.