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New Avengers: Battle for Earth trailer ends with a twist

Hot on the heels of Marvel’s highly successful release of The Avengers movie, Ubisoft teases us with another trailer for the upcoming game, Avengers: Battle for Earth. Although it isn’t based on the film, the game will still feature all of the same superheroes we know and love, plus a few more.  This latest trailer highlights four of our favories: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk — all of whom are shown dishing out pain to Doctor Doom and Skrulls with moves that look like they’d be seriously fun to pull off via motion control. No official gameplay videos have been released just yet, but we’d be thrilled if Ubisoft let you trigger the Hulk Smash by actually doing one in your living room.

At the end of the trailer, after all the baddies have seemingly been beaten, the camera zooms out to the top of a skyscraper where a host of heroes stand. Just before the scene is cut and the game’s Fall 2012 release date flashes onto the screen, Captain America turns around and grins ominously at the camera. And the plot thickens.