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New maps coming to Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Get a peek at the newest map coming to Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

It’s been only a few short weeks since EA and Danger Close dropped Warfighter on us, and now they’re sweetening the deal by offering an all new map pack. The Zero Dark Thirty DLC (inspired by the upcoming film of the same name about the mission to take out Osama bin Laden) will feature a pair of new maps modeled after locations related to the search for the world’s most wanted man. The first map — the ‘Chitral Compound’ — is believed to be one of Bin Laden’s hiding places during the search, and appears to be more spread out than the close-quarters-oriented “Darra Gun Market.”

People  who purchased the limited or deluxe editions of MoH: Warfighter can pick up the new maps for free, but everyone else will have to cough up a few bucks.