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NFS Most Wanted: if you’re not first, you’re last.

The upcoming NFS title has a relatively simple premise: there are ten guys out there who are fast as hell, and in order to establish yourself as the baddest mofo in Fairhaven, you’ve gotta assert your dominance and take them out one by one. How do you do that? By driving like an absolute maniac. 

Throughout the high-speed chase scene in this trailer, Criterion shows off the game’s features. We know from earlier trailers that you’ll be able to apply various upgrades to your car — things like reinflating tires and reinforced bumpers that will help you evade the police and outpace your opponents. What we didn’t know is that you’ll apparently be able to apply these upgrades on the fly with NFS’s Easydrive feature. It looks pretty slick, but we’re not so sure that driving and navigating menus simultaneously will be as easy as it appears to be.