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NHL 13 – ‘Hockey IQ’ trailer

Many of the changes to EA’s NHL franchise are under the hood for NHL 13, with many of the tweaks going towards skating animation and player AIs. Today’s trailer specifically focuses on the “Hockey IQ”, which specifically focuses on how computer controlled skaters will react to the game. 

Producer Sean Ramjagsingh walks us through some of the improvements to the AI, specifically noting how much his team has improved goalies and defensemen. One of the big changes is that the defenders are aware of all players on the ice and not just the player with the puck. The goalie improvement is especially important, since in previous iterations they tended to get locked in on the player with the puck and would lose it when the puck was passed.

Look for the improved AI when NHL 13 drops on September 11 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.