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PAX: Strike Suit Zero trailer unveiled

We’ve known about Strike Suit Zero’s existence for quite a while now, but today at PAX in Seattle, DoubleSix Games finally released a trailer for their upcoming title Strike Suit Zero

The game is set far in the future, above an Earth that’s approaching its final hours. As the player, you are tasked with defending the planet from an oncoming fleet of intergalactic enemy spacecraft. Based on the footage in the trailer, it looks like you’ll be terribly outnumbered. Not to worry though — you get to take control of a transforming fighter known as the Strike Suit, which gives you a ridiculous amount of firepower and plenty of maneuverability, so the other guys don’t stand a chance. 

Both the art and animation in the game look stunning, and the zero-gravity combat looks like a good bit of fun. The trailer doesn’t specify a release date, but it’s expected to come out sometime early next year.