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Persona 4 Arena tutorial trailer

There’s something kind of weird about Atlus teaming up with Arc System Works (Guilty Gear and BlazBlue) to make a fighting game version of Persona 4. But if Square Enix can do it with Final Fantasy, why not Atlus? The Persona series of games are JRPGs that can provide upwards of 100 hours in gameplay, and the fighting mechanic is a radically different direction for the franchise. 

Coupled with that, there’s the assumption that RPG fans have no idea how to play fighting games, which explains why Teddie and Rise have stepped in to provide some helpful hints. The two characters explain how the controls work and breakdown some of the various mechanics including Furious Actions and fighting with your persona. Fans of ASW will recognize the Burst system, which allows players to break out of combos or force their opponents into a defensive position. 

The best we can tell, Persona 4 Arena won’t hit shelves until August 2012, but we can’t get more specific than that. Person 4 Arena will be available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.