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Porsche and police cruiser square off in live-action NFS: Most Wanted trailer

With only two weeks left until the game goes live, Criterion thought saw fit to ‘go live’ in a different way in their latest trailer for NFS: Most Wanted. Although the game itself looks absolutely stunning and some of the CGI cutscenes in past trailers look incredibly realistic, this live-action trailer is the first of it’s kind from Criterion. 

The video takes the theme of an old western showdown — starting things off with a bit of paper blowing across an empty street like a modern-day tumbleweed. A shiny silver Porche and a police cruiser meet face to face on a the empty road, staring each other down for a moment before revving their engines in a way that suggests they’re saying, “this street ain’t big enough for the both of us” in car language. Tension mounts as each side is joined by more cars, and just when you think the showdown is about to happen, a yellow Ford Fies– nevermind, we won’t ruin it the ending. Give it a watch, it’s a great trailer.