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Prometheans: The original gangsters of Halo 4

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we saw this one coming. After the UNSC and Covenant weapons trailers came out, we knew we’d be seeing one for the Promethean arsenal sometime soon. Much like the previous two, this one is set to some fierce electronic choons from the Halo 4 remix soundtrack, which will be released along with the game.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the Prometheans will have more than six weapons, but here’s what 343 and Microsoft have shown us so far”

  • The Lightrifle: A mid-range semi-automatic weapon that is probably comparable to the battle rifle and Covenant carbine
  • The Scattershot: Apparently this is what Prometheans call a shotgun. How quaint. 
  • The Suppressor: A fully automatic assault rifle.
  • The Bolt Gun: A Promethean equivalent of the magnum and plasma pistol.
  • The Incinerator Cannon: The big boom gun. Looks like a fuel rod cannon that shoots hot coals and roasts people alive.
  • The Binary Rifle: A long-range sniper rifle that disintegrates people. How convenient.