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Puppeteer: the weirdest play you’ve ever played

The Puppeteer, an upcoming game from Sony Worldwide Studios, puts us in the audience of perhaps one of the weirdest plays ever imagined. The story takes place in a magical puppet theater, owned by a man named Gregorious T. Oswald — an eccectric professor who’s latest production is entitled “The Perilous Journey of a Boy Named Kutaro”. 

The story goes something like this: The protagonist Kutaro is captured by the Moon Bear King, who then turns him into a wooden puppet and eats his head. Displeased with his situation, Kutaro sets out on a quest to retrieve his head and find his way home. Playing as Kutaro, you accquire a set of magical scissors, and must cut your way through various side-scrolling sets to get your head back.

That all sounds pretty crazy, but the strangest part is that instead of you moving through the game, the game actually moves around you. As you play, the you stay on stage the entire time, but the set changes behind you as you progress through the levels.

Puppeteer is due out in 2013 as a PS3 exclusive.