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Resident Evil 6: Trouble with a capital T (virus) in Raccoon City

The gang’s all here in the upcoming Resident Evil 6, and not only will the game feature a host of our favorite characters from games past, but you’ll be able to play as more than just one of them. If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the game’s release like we have, you probably already know that the game will feature three overlapping campaigns. Our hands-on preview gave us a sense of how these three separate campaigns evoke a different type of fear, but didn’t exactly give us a solid understanding of how the separate storylines fit together.

With the game’s October 2nd release date just around the corner, this cinematic trailer helps to fill in the blanks… sort of. Despite hinting at a few juicy plot twists (Jake is Wesker’s son?!?), It leaves us in the dark just enough to keep us interested.

Look for our review of Resident Evil 6 on October 1.