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Resident Evil: Revelations trailer

The first Resident Evil game on the Nintendo 3DS will be Resident Evil: Revelations. In this one Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield take on the bio-terrorist group Il Veltro. Capcom has stated that this one is supposed to return to some of the original game play elements in the series with limited ammo, and an emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. 

Briefly, the plot has Valentine and a partner, Parker Luciani, getting on a cruise ship overtaken by Il Veltro to find Redfield and his partner Jessica Sherawat. We’ll also make a note of how ineffective the agent above is what with all of her hair in her face and her boobs hanging out. Maybe she could have prevented her death had she not done that, just saying.

Resident Evil: Revelations will be out for the Nintendo 3DS next Tuesday on February 7.