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Shadow of the Colossus meets Broforce in Titan Souls

Devolver Digital and independent developer Acid Nerve have released a trailer for Titan Souls, the studio’s upcoming marriage of Shadow of the Colossus with a retro art style and top-down perspective. Like Fumito Ueda’s PlayStation 2 classic, you play as a lone hero exploring an empty world of ruins and fighting only titanic bosses. Armed with a bow and a single arrow, you will need all of your wits and reflexes about you to survive these unforgiving battles.

The game is rendered in nostalgic, 16-bit pixels, but with additional 3D effects that give it a slick, modern feel. Without smaller fights to distract you, the gameplay is entirely focused on exploring the world and battling the titans in order to gather the titular titan souls. With just a single arrow and a dodge ability at your disposal to take out the lumbering giants while avoiding a barrage of one-hit-kills, repeated death seems inevitable, but you will hopefully be a little wiser for each one.

Titan Souls originally came out of a 2013 Ludum Dare game jam with the theme “You only get one.” In this case, you only get one arrow, which you’ll have to collect after shooting it in order to fire again. This serves to make the battles much more tactical, almost puzzle-like, as you have to think a few moves ahead in order to have any hope of survival. The game is set to arrive on PC, Mac, Linux, and SteamOS in the first quarter of 2015.