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Sleeping Dogs – 101 trailer

Class is in session in the latest trailer for Square Enix and United Front Games’ True Crime reset, Sleeping Dogs. They offer brief looks at everything from the plot to gun and martial arts battling, plus there’s also a tiny look at the upgrade system that allows players to beef up various skills including driving, police investigation and fighting. You can also use the skills upgrades to earn money to buy gear and outfits.

Much of it is similar to how you would expect a True Crime/GTA clone to work out. There’s the main plot but there’s also a ton of side jobs and activities for players to indulge in as they explore Hong Kong which is broken into four distinct districts. 

We’ve had a couple of chances to go hands-on with Sleeping Dogs, so if you’d like a more in depth breakdown take a look

Sleeping Dogs is set for a summer release on August 14 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.