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Sony’s side-scrolling sensation ‘Sound Shapes’ gets several new sounds

Sony has just released a handful of new sound packs for their critically-acclaimed sound-creation platformer Sound Shapes.

Although the trailer isn’t much to look at, the fact that Sound Shapes is getting more noises and levels is rather exciting. If you haven’t had a chance to play the game yet, definitely jump on it the first opportunity you get to test it out. It’s an incredibly simple, fun, and creative take on the traditional platformer, but with an added music creation element that makes it even more addictive. Check out our review of the original to find out more

The new sounds packs are listed below.

  • Acoustic Sound Pack: This one gives players the ability to incorporate some analog string-based sounds into the game. You can strum your way through a variety of different guitars, play the piano, or even use more unique and obscure instruments like the kalimba: a type of african thumb-piano. 
  • Drum Kits Sound Pack: This pack is all about the beat — it gives you access to a wide range of different percussion sounds, including hi-hats, snares, toms, chimes, and kick drums. You can choose from a wide variety of kits used in different genres, including jazz, rock, and hip-hop.
  • 8-Bit Sound Pack: This one lets you compose tunes with a vast array of different bleeps, bloops, and awesome retro synth noises. It’s also got a number of bass lines and loops for you to play with.
  • Curved Terrain Pack: Sony is giving this one away for free, and although it doesn’t offer any new noises, it does allow you to bend, stretch, and smooth-out curves to accompany the smooth beats in each level.