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Sorcery story trailer

There have been a lot of games for Sony’s Playstation Move that are Move friendly but few that actually require the controllers, and even fewer big titles. Sorcery from Sony’s SCEA Santa Monica Studios and The Workshop wants to change that.

Sorcery puts players in the control of Finn, a young apprentice, who accidentally unleashes the Nightmare Queen. With his companion, Erline, Finn must find away to stop the Queen’s tide of evil creatures and atrocities. The developers have described the game as something of a “road movie” with Finn and Erline learning how to be friends through their adventure.

It’s been a long journey for Sorcery since we haven’t really seen anything about the title since Sony showed it off way back in 2010 during E3. However, we did get a chance to play with it during GDC 2012 and it impressed.

If you have the Move you can expect to pick up Sorcery starting on May 22.