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Spec Ops: The Line – Developer’s Diary

There’s a dark vibe going on in Yager Entertainment’s Spec Ops: The Line, and it’s clearly on display in the developer’s diary above. In the video, the developers discuss how differing enemy types and sand mechanics add depth and fun to the gameplay of The Line. In the game’s setting of Dubai, the Arabian city has been ravaged by sandstorms that have forced the population into survival mode. Getting through sandstorms will be one of the many challenges in the game, but it can also be used to a player’s advantage by shooting windows and letting built up dunes or blowing winds affect enemies.

The Yager crew also talk about graphically violent moments and morally grey decisions that players will witness and take part in. These include things like enemies not dying right away after firefights, leaving players with the option to mercy kill wounded soldiers or leave them there. It’s some heavy stuff. 

Everyone will have a chance to see if Yager Entertainment succeeds at mixing fun and depth when Spec Ops: The Line launches next Tuesday, June 26, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.