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Spec Ops: The Line gameplay trailer

2K Games and Yager Development have released a couple of trailers showing off a bit of the plot for the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line but nothing with any concentrated gameplay footage. This newest trailer changes that and actually shows off quite a bit. Spec Ops has been around for awhile and The Line will be the ninth game in the series.

Primarily the game is a 3rd-person shooter with some squad-based tactics. Part of the gameplay will be set around the environmental effects of Dubai sandstorms and how that will affect the soldiers. You’ll play as Captain Martin Walker who is part of a Delta Force squad sent in to Dubai to rescue an Army Colonel who was left behind. It appears the plot will be somewhat inspired by Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

We’ve read descriptions that imply a mix of Uncharted and Modern Warfare. Based on this trailer we can kind of see it. It should be interesting if it succeeds at melding the two franchises.

Specs Ops: The Line doesn’t have a set release date but it should be out in early 2012 for PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3.