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Spec Ops: The Line narrative trailer will disturb you

When the original Spec Ops series debuted back in 1998 for the PC, you could be generous and call them “budget titles.” They were fun, and typically offered co-op gameplay, but they were also immediately forgettable and featured mundane graphics, missions, and stories. But name recognition is something that you can’t buy, and for many, the franchise is at least recognizable.

After the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line, odds are the series will not be quickly forgotten or overlooked anymore.

2K Games has already made it clear that the franchise is going to be a legitimate and powerful one. To that end, new developer, Yager Development, has decided to up the ante on military shooters. In our hands-on preview, it was obvious that this is not your typical shooter. The shock value will be high, as the situations will be intense and disturbing. There is even a very good chance that some people may be unsettled by the game.

Check out the trailer focusing on the narrative, and look for Spec Ops: The Line for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on June 26.