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Starhawk launch trailer

Sony’s spiritual successor to Warhawk is finally launching for the PlayStation 3 today. Players battle bands of outlaws on the ground, in vehicles, and in the air in Starhawk, both online and in the single player mode as gunslinger, Emmett Graves.

Online, players can join up to 32 player multiplayer modes, team up with friends in two player offline split screen play, or join three other players via the Playstation Network  in a co-op mode. Starhawk also features a new system called “Build and Battle” that allows players to drop equipment, vehicles and fortifications from orbiting drop ships.

Sony’s PS3 exclusive was developed by Sony Santa Monica and LightBox Interactive and is available today, May 8, for purchase.

Check back with us tomorrow for our full review after we’ve had a chance to fully test the multiplayer.