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Starhawk story trailer

Sony is finally letting the world in on the story line for Starhawk. Previously, we’ve shown trailers that show off the various vehicles or depictions of a crew building and defending their base, but nothing that was plot-focused. However, if Starhawk is anything like the PS3 launch title Warhawk, story probably won’t be that important.

In the spiritual successor to Warhawk, Emmett Graves is a rift salvager who has a reputation for eliminating threats and saving claims. Graves has never turned down a job — but when a new contract sends him back to his hometown of White Sands, he finds himself stuck in a battle for the town’s existence. He quickly becomes all that stands between the town’s salvation and a War Band led by an infamous outlaw.

Sony’s Playstation 3 exclusive Starhawk and was developed by Sony’s Santa Monica Studios and LightBox Interactive and hits store shelves on May 8.