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Surviving the game: Far Cry Island Survival Guide Part 3

We’ve talked an awful lot about Far Cry 3, and why not? The game looks great, and a recent hands-on session just furthered our impression that the game is going to blow one or two minds.

It offers freedom. Freedom to approach missions how you like, and freedom to choose how you want to progress. You aren’t limited by specific missions, you can take on any task available – and there will be plenty of missions for you to choose from. But with that freedom comes a danger – the game can be freaking hard if you are unprepared, so take all the advice you can get on how to survive.

In this video, we meet Hoyt Volker, ex-CIA agent and leader of the privateers. You can catch up with part two of the “Far Cry Island Survival Guide” here, then look for Far Cry 3 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on December 4.