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The Amazing Spider-Man Rhino reveal trailer

Beenox isn’t waiting around to get another Spider-man game out after they released Edge of Time last year. The newest iteration, The Amazing Spider-Man, is a sort of tie-in with the movie from Sony.

It’s hard to be confident in the studio though with their Spidey hit-or-miss track record. Shattered Dimensions was great but Edge of Time was mediocre at best. Amazing may or may not be good. 

The above trailer shows off Spider-Man baddie Rhino. You don’t see him in too many Spidey games, the last one he was in was the 2008 Web of Shadows. Though he was an ally to Spider-Man and not enemy in that game. Looks like he’ll be more enemy than friend in this one.

At the moment The Amazing Spider-Man does not have a release date beyond the vague “Summer 2012”. We do know that the game will be available for the Nintendo Wii, 3DS, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.