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The big, undead sandbox of ‘Dead Rising 3’

If you can muster the willpower to hit pause on GTA 5 for a second, check out this fresh new trailer for Dead Rising 3 that Microsoft just unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Capcom about the game, but with the November launch date growing ever closer, the studio decided to give us a quick look at a few of the game’s next-gen features.

In DR3‘s online co-op mode, not only will you be able to drop into a friend’s game at any time, all the story progression and experience points you earn will actually carry over when you head back to your own game to play solo. So any missions you finish with a friend will automatically register as ‘complete’ in yours – even if you’re technically playing in their game. 

This new trailer also showcases an array of ridiculous new “super-combo weapons” that you can use in the game. These require at least three components to construct and are every bit as crazy as you’d expect from the Dead Rising series. To name a few, these include the Ultimate Powershout, a concussive sound weapon made from traffic cones; the Ultimate Grim Reaper, a flaming scythe/katana/gas can hybrid; and the Massive Bomb, which is pretty much a miniature nuke. 

Dead Rising 3 is expected to be released as an Xbox One launch title, so be sure to circle back for more news in November.