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The Final Hours of Tomb Raider

Despite the fact that they released the launch trailer ahead of the actual launch date, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics apparently aren’t quite done with Tomb Raider.

In this behind the scenes trailer that’s dripping with gravitas and tension, host Zac Levi takes us on a tour of Crystal Dynamics during the final hours of Tomb Raider’s development. 

Previous episodes of the Final Hours series chronicled the development of the game and showed us the team as they completed various milestones – things like voice recording, music, and the game’s multiplayer mode. In this final episode, we get a look at just how frantic things get as Crystal Dynamics scrambles to work out all the remaining kinks in the code before everything gets finalized.

Don’t worry though – we’re pretty certain the game will be released on time. Tomb Raider hits stores next week on March 5th.