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The first five minutes of BioShock Infinite

Irrational games has just released the first five minutes of BioShock Infinite, and they look rather familiar.

Even if your’e the type who avoids spoilers like the plague, you should still give this trailer a look. Although the video shows the opening cinematic sequence for the yet-to-be-released BioShock Infinite, it doesn’t really give too much away. If you’ve been following our coverage of the game for the past few months, you already know that it takes place in the floating city of Columbia, so this opening scene won’t be much of a surprise. It’s eerily similar to the opening sequence of the original BioShock, but with an entirely different tone. 

BioShock Infinite is set to be released on February 26th, 2013 — so be sure to check back for more trailers and sneak previews in the weeks to come.