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The shiny new toy guns of Halo 4’s Covenant

First, we had the UNSC weaponry trailer set to some savage dubstep, and now for the Covenant we get a new arsenal and a different brand of electronica. 

What’s the Covenant bringing to play in Halo 4? Pretty much the same gear as before. In this montage, we see a bunch of familiar faces: the convenant carbine, fuel rod cannon, needler, plasma pistol, energy sword, gravity hammer, and beam rifle. Yawn.

Whats new? The storm rifle: a shoulder-fired, fully-automatic gun that looks good for mid-range attacks. Toward the end of the trailer, we also get a look at the concussion rifle, which appears to fire large bursts of energy that do a considerable amount of damage. 

Now all we need is a Promethean weaponry trailer and we’ll have all the playable races covered.