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If you pre-order ‘Thief’ you get to rob a bank

Square Enix just sweetened the deal for anyone thinking about pre-ordering the upcoming 4th installment of the Thief series. If you commit to buying the game before it launches in February 2014, you’ll get access to an exclusive mission called “The Bank Heist.”

If that riveting title didn’t already give it away, your mission in this DLC pack is to infiltrate Stonemarket First Bank – one of The City’s most secure locations – to steal a valuable family heirloom. The gameplay hearkens back to the Bank Mission from Thief 2, but will feature a host of new enemies, traps, and security measures you can’t find in any other part of the game.

Thief hits stores in the US on February 25th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Be sure to circle back for further details as the release date draws nearer.