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Tomb Raider: Survival Guide Part 3

She was fairly reserved in episodes one and two, but in this latest episode of the Tomb Raider survival series, Lara Croft lets the badass out. Don’t get us wrong, we’re down with learning survival skills, basic navigation, and how to level up, but at the end of the day nothing gets you pumped for a game like some good old fashioned ass kicking.

Despite the fact that this game is supposed to show her early years, Lara’s got some tricks up her sleeve that she never had before. Stealth will play a big role in the new game, as players can  use cover, distractions, and execute stealth kills to stay undetected.

This is probably the last episode in the Tomb Raider survival series, but the game his stores in just a couple weeks on March 5th, so check back for more trailers as that date draws nearer.