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Tomb Raider: survival guide part one

Learn some survival tips in this new trailer for Tomb Raider.

To hype up the release of their upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have just released the first episode in a new series of trailers. Entitled “The Survival Series,” these videos are intended to be an introduction to the game’s new plot, environment, and gameplay.

As we saw in the launch trailer last week, the reboot won’t feature the same badass Lara Croft we know from games of the past — at least not initially. Instead, the new Tomb Raider focuses on Lara’s early exploits, and highlights the events that led her to become the hardened ass-kicker we know today. 

Rather than starting off with a fully equipped and well-trained character, the game picks up after a shipwreck leaves Laura stranded on a remote island and challenges players to master a variety of fighting and survival skills to progress through the game. The level-up and upgrade systems appear to be similar to most other RPG’s, but the dynamic new environments shown in this trailer have us convinced that this will be unlike any Tomb Raider game we’ve ever played before.