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‘Total War: Rome II’ examines the tools of the trade

Play Total War: Rome II and learn stuff. At least that seems to be the message Sega is attempting to convey by bringing in U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, combat vet, and survivalist Mykel Hawke to check out a Roman soldier’s Legionary Kit. The kit was the standard equipment of a Roman soldier back in the days when Rome’s legions were at the height of their power, when the gladius was one of the most sophisticated weapons of the day, and the Roman phalanx seemed to be unstoppable . The Legionary Kits contained everything a solider needed to survive in the field. 

In the video below to highlight the upcoming strategy game, Hawke examines the kit, including the weapons and armor a Roman soldier would carry. It’s an interesting glimpse at the history of the period masquerading as a video game trailer. Check it out.