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Trent Reznor and David Goyer talk about their work on COD: Black Ops 2

Seeing more creative professionals from the film and music industries beginning to dip their toes into the video game pool is certainly an exciting trend, and with big names like David Goyer and Trent Reznor contributing their talents to the second installment of the series-within-a-series, COD Black Ops, we couldn’t be more pumped for the release.

In the video, Goyer — writer of such notable titles as The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises — talks about how he approached Black Ops II much in the same way that he would approach a blockbuster movie, emphasizing the importance of plot twists and rich character arcs. At one point, he even claims that the plot of Black Ops II is better than that of most movies currently being made — a bold statement that we can only hope is true. 

Reznor, in the clips of his interview footage, explains how he views modern video games as an artform that’s on par with film or music composition. We couldn’t agree more.