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Ubisoft’s ridiculous new cyber-shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is now available!

Ever since we first caught word of its existence, we’ve eagerly awaited the day that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon would be a thing that anyone can play. That day is today. Now you can jump into the video game equivalent of a 1980s sci-fi flick as Sergeant Rex Colt, a state-of-the-art Mark IV cyber commando who will stop at nothing to save his girlfriend. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, Colt is voiced by none other than Terminator and Aliens star Michael Biehn, which makes all the cheesy catchphrases even more epic. 

Early reports pegged the game as an expansion for Far Cry 3, but Blood Dragon is actually a standalone title. You can pick it up today as a digital distribution release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PCs.