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God of War: Ascension unleashes the Furies against the perpetually angry Kratos

You’ll have more to worry about than gigantic gods and hulking titans in the upcoming God of War: Ascension  — this time around, you’ll be up against the furies. According to Greek mythology, the furies –also known as the Erinyes, or the Kindly Ones — were vengeance deities responsible for punishing all crimes. And at the top of their list was the murder of family members… something Kratos knows a great deal about. From the look of it in the trailer, they appear as Greek female soldiers with claws and four oversized spider-crab legs coming out of their backs. 

In mythology the story of how the furies were created goes something like this: The Titan Cronos (or Kronus) had a tiff with his father Uranus, so he castrated him and tossed his junk into the sea. From the drops of blood, the furies were born. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but judging from the red droplets we see at the beginning, it appears that Sony will stick to their tried-and-true formula of slightly tweaking Greek mythology and making it awesome.

God of War: Ascension is due for release on March 12, 2013, and will only be available on PS3.