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‘Warframe’ teaser trailer offers cryptic glimpse at the game’s backstory

Whether it’s Han Solo, Ridely, or the Master Chief, cryo-sleep is a damn near staple in the sci-fi world. Digital Extreme’s latest trailer for its upcoming free-to-play title Warframe, might be cryptic in meaning, but it’s still somewhat telling of the third-person title’s backstory. It opens on a deep-space vessel as an auction commences for a female in a cyber-ninja suit, and ends with an unknown figure sending said suit into the “void.” It’s not really apparent what’s going on, but PlayStation 4 users won’t need to wait long to find out as the game launches next week.

Officially added to the PS4 launch lineup in JuneWarframe is a co-op action title revolving around an intergalactic war. Players assume the role of a member of the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors, and don the aforementioned battlesuits in an onslaught of PvE environments and 4-player boss battles. As you play through the game and collect artifacts, you’ll be able to modify your Warframe and further customize your weapons, increasing various attributes and honing each suit’s specific set of skills and abilities to fit your playing style. Players will also be able to utilize pets and create cleans, in addition to other features and gameplay tweaks to be housed in the game’s previously-announced, monthly updates.

Warframe launches as a free-to-play launch title on the PS4 on Nov. 15, with a free pre-order lasting through Nov. 12. Although not necessary to access the game at launch, pre-ordering the Warframe: Ultimate Fan Pack through the Sony Entertainment Network website or through the PlayStation Store guarantees players an exclusive PlayStation Braton Rifle weapon skin and a slew of in-game credits.