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Warp trailer

In the downloadable game Warp, a lovable little alien named Zero wakes up to discover that he has been captured by a nefarious and shadowy organization that specializes in capturing–and torturing–aliens for their own advancement. In  Zero’s case, the scientists have surgically removed a disc that grants the ability to teleport. With that gone, escape becomes an issue. Thankfully, the scientists could not touch his telepathy. With the help of another alien that contacts him to let him/it know what is going on in the facility.  

The scientists then decide to force Zero through obstacle courses before reuniting him/it with the stolen disc. Zero then begins his escape, fighting scientists and commandos in an underwater research facility, and helping other aliens on the way. 

The game is a puzzle-based stealth action game. Zero can blow up scientists and commandos on his way to get to the villainous Commander, can make ghost copies of himself, and must use an arsenal of unique abilities to escape the facility. 

Warp released yesterday, March 13, on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The Xbox version launched way back on February 17 but the PC and Playstation versions were delayed until this past Tuesday.