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WatchDogs Gameplay Series Part 1: Hacking is Your Weapon

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With just a few short months left until the game’s November release date, Ubisoft has just launched a new trailer series that sheds light on the game’s innovative gameplay. This first episode showcases how Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pierce is able to hack the city and use it to his advantage, while also providing some insight into the game’s futuristic setting.

As you may already know, Watch Dogs takes place in a futuristic version of Chicago. In the city, everything is connected – traffic lights, security cameras, public transportation – basically anything on the power grid is plugged in and automated by a system called ctOS. The city of Chicago implemented this system to reduce crime and make everything operate more efficiently, and by hacking into it, you can gain an unprecedented level of control over your surroundings.

To gain control of the ctOS system, you’ll need to break into one of its control centers located in various districts and install a backdoor virus. As you infiltrate and infect more of these centers, you’ll begin to gain control over a wider section of the city. It’s a lot like the viewpoint system in Assassin’s Creed, but much more techie and futuristic.

This is just the first video in the series, so be sure to circle back next week for more gameplay footage.