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WiiU goes hard in the paint with NBA 2K13

2K13 is coming to WiiU, and it’s bringing it’s A-game.

In case you didn’t hear, Nintendo launched the WiiU over the weekend, and along with it came a torrent of new games — EA Sports’ Jay-Z infused NBA 2K13 among them. Sure, 2K13 isn’t exactly new, but the developers at EA did their best to make the game fresh and different from other console versions of the title. Taking advantage of the WiiU’s touchscreen controller, the game sports a handful of new interactive features like calling plays, making substitutions, and even checking your players’ energy levels — all of which you can do without pausing. 

Despite the fact that Nintendo’s systems haven’t been particularly popular for avid sports gamers, the WiiU certainly looks like it has a lot more to offer than consoles of the past.