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ZombiU Launch trailer

Check it out — Ubisoft has put out this new trailer to kick off the launch of ZombiU.

The actual apocalypse isn’t scheduled to happen for another month or so, but why wait around? You can get a taste of what the impending zombie apocalypse might be like today, as ZombiU was released over the weekend. This launch trailer lays out a few tips for surviving in the game, and shows off some of its sweet features along the way. The rules (and the guy’s voice) are reminiscent of Jessie Eisenberg’s narration in the 2009 movie Zombieland, but ZombiU will be far more awesome than any zombie flick you’ve ever seen — even if it doesn’t have Woody Harrelson shooting twinkies. For our take on ZombiU, check out our review.

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