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EA Sports cancels Season Ticket and Sports Arena subscriptions

EA Sports Season Ticket, an annual subscription service that allowed early access to the publisher's sports games and discounted DLC, will be phased out by early 2016.


Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition review

Hearkening back to the childhood days of playing Milton Bradley's Operation, Bossa Studios' Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition abuses players with its mix of vague objectives…

  • Pros: Hilariously awkward to play, Fun to rummage around with…
  • Cons: Unreliable motion control calibration, Elements of…

Castle Crashers dev The Behemoth teases something involving hexagons?

The Behemoth has released a first teasing look at their fourth game in development with a cryptic video that showcases the studio's signature style and humor, but little of the game.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 seemingly leaked on Xbox.com

French website Gamer in a Box uncovered two images for Resident Evil Revelations 2 being hosted on Xbox.com, revealing that Capcom plans to continue the survival horror offshoot.


A more civilized age (virtually) approaches: This STEM System Lightsaber demo sells VR

VR enthusiasts Sixense Entertainment has released a Lightsaber demo video for their STEM motion-tracking system in conjunction with the Oculus Rift headset, and it looks fantastic.


Believe it or not, actual athletic talent won’t help you in NBA 2K15

Four all-star players from the NBA sit down to chat about life, work, and 2K's NBA 2K15. Hilariously, it turns out that none of them are any good at the game they all feature into.


2K leaves its mini-game mark on wrestling with WWE 2K15

We've got a first look at what Yuke's and Visual Concepts are pulling together for WWE 2K15, the first game in the series that's coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Xbox 360 storage expands with new 500GB hard drive

Microsoft reveals a 500GB hard drive option for the Xbox 360 console, an upgrade from the previous 320GB max that was available.


Atari to revive Alone in the Dark and Haunted House this fall

Atari is set to revive two of its well-known franchises, with both Alone in the Dark: Illumination and Haunted House due to arrive in fall 2014.


Hohokum review

Hohokum is cut from the same fabric as artsy PlayStation games like Sound Shapes, LocoRoco, and Patapon, and It's hugely enjoyable, despite often feeling directionless.

  • Pros: Beautiful and imaginative, Unique gameplay, Challenging…
  • Cons: Goals are rarely clear, Some collectibles are too…

Marsh monsters and evil doings highlight this 35-minute clip from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red has posted the 35 minute E3 2014 gameplay demo of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the third part to their epic fantasy RPG trilogy based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski.


Sharlto Copley cast as lead in Powers TV series for PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network's upcoming TV series based on Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming's Powers comic book has found its lead in District 9 actor Sharlto Copley.


Analog Trends – Cards Against Humanity creator Kickstarts dueling card game Slap .45

The latest game from Max Temkin, co-creator of the crass Apples to Apples clone, Cards Against Humanity, is a western-themed slapping card game in the vein of Egyptian Ratscrew.


EA Access members get six full early access hours with Madden NFL 15

EA confirmed to a fan over Twitter that EA Access subscribers will get access to six full hours of Madden NFL 15, the latest instance of gaming's most venerable sports franchise.


How does Diablo III look compared to the newly released Ultimate Evil Edition?

Take a look at the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Diablo 3 running side by side to get a sense of just how much the graphics are stepped up in the move from the older console to the new one.


Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition review

For anyone longing for a game as focused on questing, looting, and leveling as the original Diablo, Ultimate Evil Edition encapsulates that style while packaging all the best of…

  • Pros: All the best of Diablo III in one package., Loot 2.0 and…
  • Cons: No transferring saves from PC or between the two new…

GTA Online soars into the danger zone with San Andreas Flight School

San Andreas Flight School is the latest free update for GTA Online from Rockstar Games. The add-on includes new vehicles, new missions, and -- best of all -- CUSTOMIZABLE PARACHUTES.


Reddit comes to Xbox One as the ReddX app

ReddX is a new Xbox One app that gives console users the ability to access the Reddit social network using either a full-screen interface or via the XB1's Snap feature.


Powers TV series adds Eddie Izzard and Game of Thrones actor to cast

The latest additions to the cast of the Powers tv series on Playstation Network include Eddie Izzard as the series' villain, and a Game of Thrones actor.


Xbox One August update enhances sharing features

The August update for Xbox One, which starts rolling out today, will overhaul your activity feed and provide new features that make creating and sharing videos easier than ever.


In Destiny, men are from Mars, horrible alien robots are from Venus

In another trailer for Bungie's upcoming opus Destiny, we are taken to the lush jungles of Venus where time-travelling alien robots called Vex are hell-bent on eradicating humanity.


This week in gaming: Played Diablo already? Take a swing with The Golf Club instead

A rundown of the key video game releases coming out in the week ending August 22. The late-summer week is highlighted by a pair of re-releases -- Diablo 3 and Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare -- and newcomers CounterSpy and The Golf Club.


PlayStation TV arrives in North America on October 14

Sony has finally tweeted that PlayStation TV, the game and media streaming device revealed earlier this year at E3, will arrive on North American shores on October 14, 2014.


Star Citizen crowdfunding rockets past $51 million

Star Citizen, Chris Roberts' hugely ambitious return to gaming with new studio Cloud Imperium Games, has surpassed $51 million in its record-setting crowdfunding campaign.


Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed review

Halfway between The Benny Hill Show and Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno is Akiba's Trip, an anime action RPG with surprisingly progressive ideas about sex and materialism.

  • Pros: Funny, vivid writing., A progressive satire of modern…
  • Cons: Perviness can sometimes get out of hand., Technical issues…

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor season pass gets you missions, runes, skins, and more

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reveals the first details of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's downloadable content, which will be available for pre-order via a Season Pass.


Robin Williams will be immortalized with a character in World of Warcraft

Late actor and comedian Robin Williams, who was found dead in his San Francisco Bay Area home on Monday, will be memorialized in World of Warcraft, one of the video games he used to play


The Red Planet will run redder with blood in Destiny Mars trailer

Take a first peek at the planet Mars, as it appears in Bungie's upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter, Destiny. The game is out September 9 for PlayStation/Xbox consoles.


Dying Light spells out its greatness in giant letters across the cityscape

The Gamescom 2014 trailer for Dying Light, the upcoming open world zombie game from Dead Island developer Techland, shows a lot of promise as it runs through a range of gameplay scenarios.


Pixels, Roguelikes, and Platformers, oh my! Indies are storming Xbox One though ID@Xbox

Check out our list of independently developed games that will be coming to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program, as announced by Microsoft at Gamescom 2014.