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Big Win Basketball: Dennis Rodman’s fashion influence

Dennis Rodman returns. Need we say more?

So what’s Dennis Rodman up to these days? Well apparently he’s getting a little bored in retirement. Now that his dresses don’t fit and he’s long since run out of hair dye, he’s taken to doing promo videos for mobile game companies. Ok, maybe it’s just this one, but whatever – the important part is he’s back in the spotlight. We missed the guy, and honestly, Hothead Games couldn’t have picked a better celeb to partner up with. I mean, really? Hothead Games hires Dennis Rodman, the NBA’s badboy of the 90’s? Were they planning this all along? 

Oh, and although it doesn’t show any footage of the game whatsoever, this ad is for Hothead’s Android basketball game, Big Win Basketball. Check it out on Google Play, its a good bit of fun.