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Microsoft execs discuss Xbox One

Earlier today, at a press event in Redmond, WA, Microsoft pulled the curtain back on its next-gen gaming console, the Xbox One. 

The system’s name might come as a shock to those of us who were expecting Durango or 720, but once you check out this video, it’ll all make sense. As Microsoft execs Yusuf Mehdi, Phil Spencer, and Marc Whitten explain, the new console is designed as an all-in-one multimedia player that will unify your entertainment experience. 

Want to check up on your Fantasy Football team while you’re watching the game on TV? Xbox One can do that with a simple voice command. Bored with the TV show you’re watching and want to switch over a video game? It only takes a hand gesture. 

The specs and features on this badboy are pretty impressive, so be sure to check out our full post to find out more.