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Metal Gear Solid V Tips 3:03

Whether you're a series veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, Metal Gear Solid V offers an unprecedented amount of freedom in how you can approach its missions. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but don't panic! We've assembled a…

Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop 2:14

Acer and gaming haven’t always gone hand-in-hand. While the company has offered Predator products in the past, it hasn’t been entirely consistent – updates have lagged behind hardware releases, leaving gaps in the line. And…

Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop – Hands On 2:14

Acer is getting serious about games.

Hands On: Asus ROG G752 Gaming Notebook

Asus boasted of its popularity among gamers at IFA 2015 by pointing out it is number one in many areas, including sales of Nvidia GTX powered notebooks. The company’s Republic of Gamers laptops are so popular, in fact, that many…

Disney Infinity 3.0 First Impressions 3:26

The Star Wars movie series over the years has become an iconic chain worldwide. With all sorts of memorabilia available, for many, waiting for the next great Star Wars video game has seemed to have taken more than the common dose…

The Metagame 5:00

It's like 'Cards Against Humainty' but more accessible.

Tremor Tips – Mortal Kombat X 2:51

With over 35 million copies of Mortal Kombat X sold worldwide since it's April release, the return of the classic fighter franchise has proven to be quite the success. The recently added content to their DLC the "Kombat Pack" has…

Windows 10 Gaming features 1:55

No one cares about tiny percentages in performance and the minutiae of an operating system more than gamers. In a world where optimizing your system perfectly is everything, each new feature means more overhead, and major OS…

Top 5 iOS Games 4:12

When you're a gamer, looking through a million apps in the app store for something new can become really annoying . Although, whether you're a fan of endless runners, shooters, racers and more there's no better feeling than having…

Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay 15:44

Follow along to see just what you can expect when picking up your copy of Batman Arkham Knight.

Top 5 Games of E3 2015 3:22

E3 2015 is a whirlwind of gaming insanity. With games like Fallout 4, the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Star Wars: Battlefront, and so many other big-name titles dropping, picking the top five you're most excited for can prove to be a…

E3 2015 Game Announcement Recap 3:06

We distilled down hours of talking heads on stage to just three quick minutes of all the gaming news you need to know in this DT highlight reel.